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Old Dogs and New Tricks

Running on a pack of dogs has both benefits and challenges. This is particularly true in the stronger minded breeds, such as the Chow Chow.

Over the years it has been most interesting to observe interaction in the pack and thus learn dog language.

Senior dogs have as much value as any dogs in the pack, and then some more.

Senior dogs have as much value as other dogs in the pack, and then some more. They are more relaxed in temperament as the over eagerness of youth has dissipated. Thus they teach the younger dogs how to behave calmly in various situations. And in the process of needing to teach individual characters, they learn new tricks in effectively getting their point accross.

They also teach the younger ones how to play, when to stop playing, and how to "speak" politely when communicating with another dog. They teach manners and obedience - also with respect to humans. They effectively teach younger dogs how to thrive in a human's world.

Their patience with humans is a strong point, and to the observant human, the stable adult Chow Chow is one of the best teachers of dog language and social structure.

May the Golden Years of your older Chow Chow bring you more joy than ever before!

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Bernice Leroy

Chow Chows have been part of my life since 1997. More details can be found when you visit the Ciao Chows website . Information in this blog is derived from my years of personal experience and is in no way prescribing to anyone. All dogs are individuals, therefore information shared here may/may not work for, or be a solution for each individual Chow Chow/Owner. Where advice is sought, onus remains upon each owner to find the best solution for their dog/s.


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