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Searching for a Chow Chow Puppy

Being an active breeder of Chow Chows includes fielding enquiries from potential puppy homes. The variety in these homes is endless! Finding the correct match between a puppy's temperament and the new home is the most challenging of pursuits for a breeder. And it would appear, often the least understood by potential homes.

Living with a Chow Chow for some 10-14 years requires respect and understanding for the breed's unique character. Many people are drawn to the beauty of the cute, fluffy Chow Chow puppy. They do not take into consideration that this will be an active, very hairy, very intelligent, independent adult that often does not see the need to please their owners. Love yes, obey - well, maybe. Depends. Sometimes.

Puppies vary infinitely in temperament, and the ethical breeder understands the core temperament of each puppy. While the new owners will build on that core, the core temperament is what will stay with the puppy and it's owners for life. Bringing out the best in a particular puppy requires a particular owner. So whilst the new owner may have a time table in mind, with a preference for long or short coat, for any one of the colours - it is the temperament which should be the deciding factor in choosing a puppy. And the breeder is the one who can best give you an idea of a puppy's core temperament.

Some things to consider
in searching for a Chow Chow puppy.

  • Am I very definite on the colour and coat length I want? Or am I willing to accept any colour and/or coat combination? This will affect the length of time you have to wait for your puppy.
  • What kind of personality do I have? Do I want a dog to be very affectionate or do I prefer the aloof one that does not demand a lot of physical interaction? Can I accept, in good spirit, the inevitable things chewed or carried off by the active, hyper intelligent puppy or do I prefer a less active, more laid-back dog because my home is meticulous? Can I tolerate shedding and the need to groom my dog weekly?
  • What commitment am I prepared to make to a puppy? The Chow Chow puppy requires regular socialization and the new owner requires the guidance of training classes to steer an inquisitive young mind in the right direction. This process will take at least 18 months of sacrificing extra time out of your schedule. It will help to shape a well-grounded adult Chow Chow.
  • What kind of person do I get on with as a friend of the family? Your breeder will become part of your extended family for the next 10-14 years (or more) and you need to have a trusting relationship with your breeder - for better or for worse. No dog is perfect, and your puppy will develop some negatives in it's lifetime. Make sure you feel comfortable with your breeder - you will need to rely on the advice and experience of a caring breeder.
  • At this point in time in South Africa, there are very few active KUSA breeders. It is not easy to have success with breeding, the litters are also smaller. So be prepared to wait for a well-bred puppy from an ethical breeder. Being prepared to wait will spare you the heartache (and serious wallet ache) which results from buying a poorly bred pup or being scammed.

    May your patience be rewarded with that ideal Chow Chow companion!

    About author

    Bernice Leroy

    Chow Chows have been part of my life since 1997. More details can be found when you visit the Ciao Chows website . Information in this blog is derived from my years of personal experience and is in no way prescribing to anyone. All dogs are individuals, therefore information shared here may/may not work for, or be a solution for each individual Chow Chow/Owner. Where advice is sought, onus remains upon each owner to find the best solution for their dog/s.


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