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Upon seeing my very first smooth Chow Chow 20 years ago, I knew I would always have at least one in my pack. Currently I have two, of which the younger one is black smooth girl Lisa.


Lisa is a beautiful combination of many generations' strong qualities.


Lisa is a highly intelligent, very instinctive and active girl. She also has very good health certification results and a great temperament to boot. This beautiful pitchblack smoothie loves cuddles with her human, but is cautious with strangers at times - typical Chow Chow

May your life be smoothed over with the love and beauty of a smooth Chow Chow!

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Bernice Leroy

Chow Chows have been part of my life since 1997. More details can be found when you visit the Ciao Chows website . Information in this blog is derived from my years of personal experience and is in no way prescribing to anyone. All dogs are individuals, therefore information shared here may/may not work for, or be a solution for each individual Chow Chow/Owner. Where advice is sought, onus remains upon each owner to find the best solution for their dog/s.


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