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Puppies Grow Up

Chow Chow puppies are charming and beautiful. Raising these bundles of fluff includes many wonderful hours of fun.

Raising a litter of puppies has at least double the amount of work, compared to fun - if you are conscientious as a breeder. And it also has a few really heartbreaking times.

Probably one of the toughest decisions any conscientious breeder makes, is choosing a family for your much beloved puppy. The first three weeks is spent 24/7 near the whelping box. This is followed by even more weeks being on constant alert 24/7, as they start their life's journey on their own four feet. Each one develops into a unique, promising and charming puppy that we are so proud of. It would be devastating to hear that a new home is not as conscientious as the breeder is.

Conscientious, responsible pet owners who are in it for the long haul - a true blessing.

After the busy first few weeks, a day arrives on which they have to leave. It is for their own benefit, as they need to develop individual characters and have all the atttention that a new human family can give them. This main reason - the long term well-being of the puppy - is what makes it somewhat more tolerable to let go. But for some of us, when it comes to letting go of innocent little lives, we are bordering on quitting breeding. It will always be one of the most challenging parts of breeding dogs.

May your home and family always be filled with loads of Chowfulness!

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Bernice Leroy

Chow Chows have been part of my life since 1997. More details can be found when you visit the Ciao Chows website . Information in this blog is derived from my years of personal experience and is in no way prescribing to anyone. All dogs are individuals, therefore information shared here may/may not work for, or be a solution for each individual Chow Chow/Owner. Where advice is sought, onus remains upon each owner to find the best solution for their dog/s.


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